Intentional Wines made to give back to the Caribbean dogs
Wines from the Dundee Hills within the Willamette Valley of Oregon

The potcake dog is a mixed-breed dog type found on several Caribbean islands. Its name comes from the congealed peas and rice mixture that local residents traditionally eat, as the overcooked rice that cakes to the bottom of the pot would be fed to the dogs.

Rooted in the fine Jory soil of the Dundee Hills AVA in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, our vineyard has been producing Pinot Noir since 2001. We acquired the vineyard in 2014, and continue to produce high quality Pinot Noir to be released under the Potcake Saga label. In previous years, our vineyard’s Pinot Noir could be found in limited quantities, released as Saga Hills, produced and bottled by Dundee Hills Cellars at the DePonte Wine Cellars.

Our passion drives us, as we emphasize quality over quantity, and we never compromise on our commitment to bring you the finest wines possible.

We have a lifelong love of animals and are committed to helping Potcakes, the populations of indigenous wild dogs that roam the islands of the Bahamas.

Profits from the sale of Potcake Saga wines, along with our own funds, are used to facilitate rescue of Potcake dogs and to help humanely manage their overpopulation.